Welcome to Crafting4aCause!

This company is run and owned by Zebra (Rare Disease) Advocates. We have come together to create Mindful and engaging programs to help empower others as they develop the strength to overcome their personal obstacles. 

Crafting4aCause originated with the sale of our custom designed MyIntent pieces. It quickly expanded to include a wide variety of empowerment and awareness jewelry and other craft items through our efforts to raise funds for the Rare Disease community.


I am an active advocate with a variety of Rare Disease groups. Through participation in a variety of programs, I discovered the need for more empowerment and Mindfulness programs through the lens of those battling or caring for people with chronic illnesses. This led to the expansion, creation and offer of Mindfulness and Team building programs. We have and are willing to create personalized crafting and fundraising workshops for your organization.

It is our mission to utilize our crafting skills to help benefit the Rare Disease Community. We are achieving this through empowerment and educational programs for the entire community. We will also be donating  a portion of all our proceeds to research and patient centered organizations.

All of our activities including Team Building, Mindfulness and Crafting programs help support our philanthropic endeavors.


We have a variety of handcrafted items including hand stamped MyIntent  bracelets*, personally commissioned pieces of jewelry, natural healing stone pieces, hand stamped charms and an array of paper and vinyl crafts. including hand stamped cards, bookmarks, key fobs and vinyl cutouts for decals or clothing.

Help Us Support THE RARE DISEASE Community!

We are currently working towards achieving a Non-Profit status.   activity for you!