Deborah Vick 

Welcome to our site, Crafting4aCause. We are a small crafting company creating unique hand stamped and crafted items for each of our customers. We are different than most crafting companies in that our mission is to sell our crafted creations to help raise funds for several different programs.  Our biggest fundraising challenge involves our efforts to raise funds to purchase an all terrain wheelchair for the local scouting community. To do so, we need to raise $19,000. We are also donating funds to various medical groups that support research and education for different rare diseases.  Typically people who chose items related to a specific disabling condition will have the opportunity for some of the funds to go to said organization.

As you will note, many of my crafting projects involve the MyIntent tokens. I became a MyIntent Certified Maker to create MyIntent Token bracelets as Thank You gifts to those who donated to my Myasthenia Gravis Foundation Association fundraiser. It has since expanded into  several different avenues including our Scouting for Access Fundraiser and for various medical research and education programs. More than half of my crafting proceeds has been and will continue to go to the charitable fundraisers.

My crafting projects that began as "thank you's" for donations, has expanded after becoming acutely aware of the need to raise funds to purchase the all terrain chair for the scouting community became prevalent. We were unable to obtain grants and funding through other organizations, we decided to expand our efforts to include our Scouting for Access fundraiser. We are now, primarily selling the custom items to help raise funds for our Scouting for Access fundraiser. We have partnered with the Far West Wheelchair Athletic Association as they are a Non-profit organization.

When not recovering from appointments, receiving infusion treatments and/or other medical maintenance treatments, I can be found volunteering in various community programs, especially those involving school aged children. Throughout the years, I have the pleasure of holding numerous leadership roles in the scouting community, both on the cub scout and scout level. I have the pleasure of working with scouts within my own pack through council wide events. Yet, I find it very difficult to attend and access scout camps, hikes, ranges, camp fires, and other outdoor programs. I am only able to do so with a "team of people" working together to help push or transport me throughout the property. It is my hope we raise the funds to purchase the chair, not only for myself but for the many other disabled youth in our communi

I am also a patient advocate. This year I joined efforts with Rare Disease Legislative advocacy organization.  I took my first steps as a patient advocate with RDLA this past fall during in-District Lobby days. I have since been accepted as a Regional champion Advocate for Christopher and Dana Reeves association. With this organization I will advocate for the needs of those that are paralyzed or dependent on the usage of wheelchairs.

It is our hope that can raise the funds necessary to purchase the chair. Ideally, more than one so that we may be able to have a youth attend the same event as me. We do have a disabled youth population in this area. It would be great to have a means to incorporate and recruit youth with physical limitations into our scouting program. Barriers to outdoor activities should never be the reason for limitation in participation.

Deborah Vick
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Deborah Vick and Peeta, service dog. 

Deborah is very familiar with the struggles of medical conditions can present. Among the many medical challenges she faces, she battles the symptoms of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Dysautonomia and Myasthenia Gravis.