Watercolor experimentation

As so many of us our now “sheltering in place” and practicing social distancing many people are turning towards crafting and/or household projects. The Altenew FB group is now posting daily challenge/prompt for their viewers. Today‘s prompt is to create a card with the colors of the Rainbow. Below is a picture of my final project.

I created this card using a combination of water color techniques taught through the AECP classes.

First, I created the backdrop base color by “spritzing” the shimmery spray from Altenew and water on a makeshift palette (an old wrapper). I used a blending brush to evenly distribute the color.

I used two different techniques for the coloring of the leaves. One technique is to “smear” the water based inks on the “pallet “ than spritz with water. It immediately creates a great water color base - excellent for backgrounds or stamping. If you choose this method, simply “dab” the stamp into the water color mixture and than continue to stamp using your traditional method.

Another option is to run the ink pads onto the stamp itself, spritz with water and stamp in your traditional manner. I preferred the second way better as it gave me slightly more control of the placement of the colors. Yes, I know colors traditionally flow with water color, however, I wanted to make sure I had all the colors represented, even if loosely done.

I used the same brush blending technique to create the yellow base for the sentiment “hang in there”.

Quite happy for today’s challenge as it resulted in a bright and upbeat card. (This one is going out to a special friend battling her own rare diseases from a hospital bead.)

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