Updated: Sep 12, 2019

I had the honor and pleasure of brining some bracelets over the UCSF and delivering some of my unique #TeamMaddy bracelets to her mother Angelina.

It happened that I ran late for an appointment today. Ultimately, the late arrival allowed me to bring the bracelets over to Maddy, well to her Mother, than Maddy.

I am so happy to be able to do so. Even happier that she likes the Bracelets!

I was able to give the bracelets to her mother in the lobby of UCSF Children's Hospital.

I implore anyone considering to order a MyIntent bracelet, Key chain or necklace to do so through me as the majority of proceeds will be donated to #teamMaddy and SweetDreams to help create an amazing atmosphere for this beautiful young lady when she comes home from the hospital. (She will be in isolation for some time, therefore its truly a necessity that her room be as comfortable and welcoming as possible.)

Please join us in our efforts to bring Maddy home to a wonderfully inviting and comfortable atmosphere!

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