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Brass MyIntnet Bracelets with BEKIND sta

About Crafting4aCause

Creating a Better World Together

Crafting4aCause found its birth while gifting MyIntent hand stamped bracelets to donors for my first Myasthenia Gravis walk-a-thon. We are Mindful of our origins and still work hard to donate Positive Intention pieces for various fundraisers and EMPOWERMENT programs.  We are especially interested in working with YOUTH related programs and disABILITY empowerment activities. We host a variety of Virtual Programs to support these efforts.


All of our programs help support our philanthropic endeavors. We have since expanded our hand crafted line to include commissioned pieces of jewelry, natural healing stone pieces, hand stamped and multimedia cards, bookmarks, key fobs and vinyl cutouts for decals or clothing.

Proceeds from our sales are donated to a variety of Rare Disease Organizations that promote Education Awareness and Research for Rare Diseases.


Virtual "Positive Intent" Motivational Parties

Now, more than ever, we need to practice creating an atmosphere for positive mindset, gratitude practice and motivational thinking. The MyIntent hand stamped tokens are the perfect reminder of our positive words of intention and of our inner strength. 


These virtual team building activities, along with your token, are great reminders of your resilience and perseverance.

Personalized Custom Workshops

 Upcoming LIVE STEAM Classes

Covid-19 delayed the launch of a non-profit STEAM company, but we are still interested in
providing interactive, virtual STEAM meetings for our community’s youth. Workshops
include sewable circuits, programming microbit boards, and projects with Makeymake as well as simple weekly STEAM challenges.

Please let us know if you are interested!

#LivingRare Zebra Strong

“As a fellow Zebra Warrior and Rare Disease Advocate, I am driven to raise awareness for the NEED of early diagnosis in all of diseases impacting our community. I am especially familiar with the damage and hardship one experiences with a late diagnosis.

I believe in doing everything possible to
empower and support the members of our
community. As such, I have created special
Zebra-inspired jewelry, keychains, clothing,
and vinyls.” ̶ Deborah

Though most recent virtual conferences for EDS and NORD has come to a close, I will continue to donate a portion of my proceeds to EDS, NORD, GG or other designated organization.

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