Changing the World one Bead at a time!

We are a Community Service based organization, utilizing our crafting skills to help people develop a positive Mindset.  We host interactive programs to help clients create Positive and Inspirationals words that will be used to create a Personalized MyIntent keepsakes. 

We frequently utilize the MyIntent token bracelets and other jewelry pieces as part of fundraisers for a variety of educational awareness programs and programs that reduce barriers for those with disAbilities. We have a strong emphasis in creating empowerment and education programs for youth and the disAbled populations.


MyIntent Tokens

 Wearable Postive Intent Motivators

We are creating interactive and engaging Virtual MyIntent parties as the Covid 19 restrictions  prevent us from participating in events at public venues and farmers markets. Now, more than ever, we need to practice creating an atmosphere for Positive Mindset and motivational thinking. The MyIntent hand stamped tokens are the perfect reminder of our positive words of intention and of our Inner Strength.


These Virtual Activities along with your token will be a great reminder of your resilience and perseverance.

Examples of MyIntent Pieces


Ehlers Danlos and Zebra Specialty Items

Crafting4aCause Ehlers Danlos Shop 


Ready to create YOUR PERSONalized Gift?

Please contact us. We will help design your"one of a kind" personal item. We have a wide array of natural stones, gold and silver plated bead caps and spacers as well as a wide array of charms. Including teal, purple, zebra, gold and orange ribbons as well as a variety of inspirational messages and tokens to hand stamp your positive motivational words.

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CRAFTING4aCAUSE is committed giving back to our community.  We do this through hands on service projects, education awareness programs and participating in programs that help increase access to our community. At the onset of Covid 19 we began making masks and shields for  frontline workers. In oder to continue serving our public.

In these unique and isolating times we need to use social media to collaborate with one another and  to help create resource for knowledge including family activities and SELF CARE activities. MYINTENT​ has done a wonderful job in creating a list of resources and free classes. This can be found at WWW.MYINTENT.ORG/FREE . These self care programs are truly amazing. I, personally have participated in a number of the activities including several Inner Warrior trainings, Yoga and Journaling and several Self Awareness & Empowerment programs. The programs are amazing. 


Upcoming Porgrams

Interest in Upcoming LIVE STEAM Classes

COVID 19m delayed our launch of a non-profit STEAM company. However, we are still interested in providing interactive Virtual STEAM online meetups for the youth in our community.   Including workshops for sewable circuits, programming Microbit boards and projects with Makeymake as well as simple weekly STEAM challenges. 

Please let us know if you are interested in such workshops.

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