Changing the World one Bead at a time!

We are a unique company creating and implementing educational programs for youth in our community including STEAM related activities. We strongly advocate for inclusive and educational awareness programs.

We, in part, have been raising awareness and funds through the sales of our hand made jewelry, crafts and art. 

(We are currently working towards a non-profit status for our STEAM Education program.)

We Customize your speciality pieces by Partnering with You!

We create Custom handmade jewelry and Cards designed with your input from the inception. Our creations are unique as you are involved every step of the way. From string selection, messages to stamp, to clasps and all the smaller elements in between. Should you chose one of our handmade cards, you will have the opportunity to select the card style, stamps, watercolors and many more of the intricate styles.

Click MY STORE to see a some samples of items I've made. More examples can be seen in the gallery or my instagram account. 

Hands on Fun STEAM Programs for people of all Abilities

In honor of all the parents/guardians finding yourselves with young ones home by your side, we are working to create some fun interactive STEAM online "meetups".  ( I will share some links for some great adaptable projects in the upcoming days.)


Please  contact us if you would like to participate.

While much of my items are made to order with my customers direct input, I have decided to share a few items that can be ordered through my site and/or examples of items made for previous customers. Please note, I have a variety of speciality items for holidays and special occasions.


We have a variety of stamped and water colored cards with a selection of meaningful and inspiring messages. 

We also hand stamp MyIntent tokens and various other pieces for true unique and customized pieces. For more information please fill out this interest form. Also see our gallery below!

GALLERY of MyIntent Creations

We Custom Make Each Order to your Specifications!

We have a wide array of Beads and charms available. Please make note of any special stones, colors or size in the interest form.

Ready To Create your Custom Item?

Click here to Complete your Interest form Today!

We would like to send cards and other craft items to those in need of receiving contact and support from our community. We have a wide selection of cards with meaningful, supportive and empowering messages. 

If you would like to send items or sponsor the sending of cards or empowerment pieces, please contact us!

Service Projects


In these unique an isolating times, we need to collaborate with one another to help create resource for knowledge including family activities and self care activities.

Once such resource is the MyIntent company. They have created a website with links for fee self care, meditation and gratitude videos.


Our On-Going Reducing Physical Barriers to Scouting Fundraiser



We have created a variety of gifts using the tokens including bracelets, key fobs, necklaces, and Rosaries. I have also been able to use the cobra/macrame stitch to attach tokens to the uniform buttons. Browse The Gallery .

 You have the opportunity to personalize items with cord, twisted cord, macrame, beads and charms. Together, we can create a beautiful and memorable piece. Information on customization is on the order form.


Questions? CONTACT Me HERE!

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